Stud Dogs
Pete is a line bred McCallum dog. He is
a big 55# slick haired dog that hits both
ends hard. He lives to work any class of
cattle. He controls stock and will do
what ever it takes to get the job done.
Bob is a large 60# long legged dog. His blood lines include
Jimmy Walker's Ben and Sis, Russell McCord's Stetson,  
Henry Spurgers's Joe and Derek Scrimgeour's dogs. He is
an exceptional dog, has everything it takes to work cattle.
Strike is a tough dog that hits both ends. He is used regularly
on the ranch and has been trialed successfully. Strike is out of
Kenneth Beasley's Bocephus and Steve Sturts Sissy. His
bloodlines include many other fine dogs including Sturts's
Tony, Dillard's Boss and Gutheridge's Hank and Liz.